Every year the Portland Generating Station is responsible for:

30 Deaths

54 Heart Attacks

500 Asthma Attacks

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What you need to know about coal and the Portland Generating Station

GenOn Energy’s Portland Generating Station is a 60 year-old coal-fired power plant on the Delaware River directly across from New Jersey.1 This plant is making residents of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey sick. In Pennsylvania, its toxic coal ash sits in improperly lined and under-monitored pits, placing the community at risk for mercury, arsenic and lead poisoning.

In New Jersey, the plant is responsible for more sulfur dioxide pollution in New Jersey than all the coal plants in New Jersey combined.2 The sulfur dioxide created by this plant creates and worsens health problems like asthma and heart disease.3 The EPA wants the plant to clean up its act and install modern pollution control technologies.4 Meanwhile, the plant’s owner, GenOn, wants more time, flexible pollution targets, and a renewed lease to continue polluting.5 Let’s shut down this plant before it damages our environment and health any more. Click here to find out more about this plant...

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GenOn CEO: Close the Portland Generating Station

Tell GenOn CEO Edward R. Muller to shut down the Portland Generating Station.